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In the current era technological advances have progressed very far, where the need for energy has become very large, the shift in the use of energy from fuel to alternative energy is also growing.

we have been able to find and utilize energy sources from nature and continue to strive to be able to maximize and also make an easy process in these activities.

After discovering we are also faced with how to store this energy so that we can use it when needed. So far we are still using batteries as a storage medium, which can later be converted back to the form of energy we need. The development of technology for batteries also continues to evolve along with the need for capacity and size of the battery.

Another thing is that from all of these efforts we also have to think about the impact on the environment, so in line with this we must also find a way so that it is not harmful to the environment.

More and more various tools are used to produce the required energy, such as solar cells, windmills, and others all of these things so that we can utilize the energy produced to be able to support everyone’s needs, and all of these things still require batteries as a means of storing the energy produced.

We must be able to choose the best way so that the environment does not become more damaged, we must be more careful in choosing by paying attention to the results of the process that will be carried out whether it is included in reducing natural destruction.

On that basis whatever tools are used to produce energy, we must also be able to take care of the condition of the battery that we have. Here a little more will discuss about reconditioning the battery to keep it in top condition.